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We offer you professional quality (and yet affordable) character designs that you can take to a tattoo artist and have him work with it. None of them is pulled out from any obscure and dusty lists!!! All works are provided and backed by our reputable Chinese language Institute based in New York.

We make fresh design once when we receive your order, accompanyied with detailed explaination to each single character!! You can either You can expect to receive your symbols via email within 24-48 hours.

What can I do with the Chinese symbols?
Beside using them to make your favorit tatoo, our clients also use them for many other purposes such as:
1. use as logo
2. greeting card
3. business card
4. on your website

Chinese TattooChinese Tattoo

Chinese Tattoos are all the rage. From Hollywood stars to NBA players to hippies, the mysterious elegance of the far Orient has proven tempting.

The aesthetic appeal of flowing Chinese calligraphy is easy to understand. "Love" in Chinese undeniably adds a certain intellectualism to this archetypically simple tattoo. Chinese tattoos are a more clever way to express your message. A Chinese tattoo also adds another element, since the typical viewer will ask you the meaning, which allows the wearer to not only translate the characters, but to explain the story behind it.  

Meaning is an interesting question. Just what do these tattoos mean? Often it is not quite what the wearer was told by the “Chinese Scholar” at the tattoo shop. Some have been lucky and have gotten very nice tattoos. Some have gotten Chinese tattoos that are actually Japanese, in strange rainbow-colored fonts with meanings that can only be guessed at by Chinese speakers.  It’s reason why we – the Chinese language specialists- will provide detailed explanation accompanying this word we send to you.   

We help you to find the tattoos you'll be in love with for the rest of your life!

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